Metallographic Testing

Metallographic Testing

Performance of any material as well as the root causes of its failure can be predicted by the metallographic examination of the material. To maintain the quality of materials and products, metallographic examination is always essential. Our metallographic lab is committed to excellence with state of the art metallographic equipments.

The scope of Refractory Materials Testing in PMT Labs covers many types of materials such as:

  • All Ferrous Materials (Steels, Cast Iron etc)
  • All Non Ferrous Materials (Al, Cu, Brass etc)
  • The size of the samples should be minimum of 0.50 x 0.50 mm dia.
  • Machining facility is available for bigger samples

PMT Labs have full range of routine optical microscopy examinations against International Standards including:

  • Measurement of grain size
  • Determination of coating thickness
  • Determination of inclusions
  • Determination of degree of purity
  • Measurement of depth of decarburization Case depth measurement by ASM Metal Hand Book.
    Estimation of volume fraction of phase and constituent Evaluation and classification of graphite in cast irons in term of type, distribution and size
  • Macro examination against

TPMT lab has expanded its testing capabilities to cater for the need of our valued customers and have a latest model of Inverted Metallurgical Microscope with Digital camera having image analyzing software, fully motorized, smart move with dark field, bright field, polarizing field & DIC etc.

Following industries are our valued customers:

  • Automobile industry
  • Defense production
  • Manufacturing units
  • Research & Development
  • Research Institute
  • Oil and gas Industries
  • Steel industries