Rubber & Plastic Lab

Hardness testing

Hardness is defined as resistance to penetration or indentation. The hardness test is very cost effective and swift method to determine the heat treatment condition, ease of machinability, strength and capability of wear resistance. This test provides valuable data that is essential for material selection process. PMT Labs performs hardness profile of different Specimens under controlled conditions with skilled Labor and qualified supervision. International testing procedures are followed to ensure best quality results.

  • Samples are prepared as per International Standards.
  • Sample preparation facility is available in machine shop.
  • Brinell – ASTM E10
  • Rockwell – ASTM E18
  • Superficial Rockwell – ASTM E18
  • Vickers – ASTM E92
  • Portable Brinell–ASTM E110
  • Rockwell Hardness - Test ranges HRA to HRZ
  • Superficial Rockwell – (HR 15, 30, 45 N/T/W/X/Y).
  • Vickers Hardness - load weights 0.5 -120 kg
  • Brinell – load weights upto3000 Kg
  • Micro hardness (Vickers) –load weights up to 50 kg
  • Knoop -load weights up to 1000 gm

The Vickers Hardness Test can be performed on broad spectrum of materials ranges from softest to hardest materials. This test can is applicable for both micro and macro scales with loading rage from 0 to 120 kg with diamond pyramid intender.

  • As per international standards
  • Sample could be of any size
  • Load ranges 0.5 -120 kg

The Brinell Hardness Test can be performed on any metallic material usually this test applied to castings and forgings. Testing is performed according to required ASTM standards and other specifications.

  • As per international standards
  • Sample could be of any size minimum of 15 mm dia
  • Test Load ranges up to 3000 kg

In Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tests have several different scales which depend on the various choices and combination of tests, indenters and major loads. The choice of indenter depends on the type of the material.

  • As per international standards
  • Test scales ranges from HRA to HRZ
  • Test ranges for superficial (HR 15, 30, 45 N/T/W/X/Y).